Age 29 Moscow

Country: Russian

Age: 29

Height: 167 cm

Hair Color: 55 kg

Aliases: No data


Description - Alice Age 29 Moscow

I'm currently available anywhere in Moscow, near or far with notice. So why are we here? I cannot speak on your behalf but as for me, I'm here to entertain you in your favorite pastime, whatever that may be, hopefully, something fun for the both of us. What do I look like? I'm a blonde beauty. You've heard that one before, huh? )So a little more specifics: I'm in my early 27th, of Eastern European descent from Russia. I stand 5'5, without the heels in the photos. I have a somewhat delicate build but with plenty of softness enough to feel soft to your touch (you do like to touch, right?). I speak English with a hint of Russian intonation in a soothing voice, which I hope you will find pleasant when we spend time together doing whatever it is we choose to do during our time designated to companionship. What do you say?